Stories of Hope

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Tika's Story of Hope

Tika* was brought to Homes of Hope by social welfare in January 2011, at the age of 12. She had been sexually abused by her own pastor and became pregnant at age 11. When she came to campus, she spoke very little English and was one of the campus’ youngest residents.

At first, HOH was not able to successfully communicate with or counsel her and had to transport her off campus to seek counsel with a Hindi-speaking woman. Nau (aunt) Rita, a retired HOH employee, was able to sit in on the sessions. She is a trained counselor from HOH and was able to translate the gospel into Tika’s native language. During one of the sessions, Tika dedicated her life to Christ and was baptized at the Wailoku River.

Since then, she is able to speak about her abuse and is a shining testimony of God’s grace and redemptive power. In May 2012, Tika returned home to her family, who is now watching over her and is protecting her and her son from bad influences. Her plan is to go back into school to complete her education.

Mary's Story of Hope

Mary* came to Homes of Hope Fiji with her two children, in July 2010, at the age of 23. Mary experienced domestic violence and came to HOH for restoration and to become financially independent. After successfully completing the first two stages of the program, Mary moved into the independence stage of the program. She was given a bure, a small house on campus and worked in the farm during this six-month project.

Independence projects at HOH operate under a profit sharing model. During the first two months, Homes of Hope Fiji bought the feed for the animals in the farm and Mary did the work to maintain them. The profit from the eggs was shared with HOH. For the second two months, Homes of Hope Fiji bought half the feed and Mary bought half. The bigger portion of the profit from the eggs went to Mary. In the final two months, Mary bought all of the feed and kept all of the profit. This is to encourage long-term financial stability after women graduate from the program.

Mary moved off campus in December 2013 and received a scholarship from The Ministry of Agriculture in Fiji. She is currently attending a university in Fiji and after she graduates, will receive a portion of land and a small house to begin her very own farm. Mary is progressing very well after her transition from Homes of Hope Fiji.

Vero's Story of Hope

Vero* came to Homes of Hope in December 2011 with her daughter. She was 15 years old but had experienced devastating trauma and abuse.

Vero is very shy and would often look down when asked a question. During her time at HOH, she had to face her abuser in court but was unable to articulate the abuse she suffered and was not ready to testify. The staff continued to fast, pray and role-play with her. During this time, Vero was finally able to share her whole story, which was documented. The voice that was stolen has been restored to her.

During a counseling session, Vero, “I am so happy that I have you [the HOH counselors] and our campus social worker to help me through this.”

Because of her case, new laws are being implemented and Fiji is dedicating more of its resources to end sexual abuse.

Vero and her daughter are doing well. She uses the leadership and mothering skills she learned at HOH in her role as a dorm captain on the campus. She is learning to sew and has picked it as a training path. Her plan is to leave Homes of Hope Fiji in December 2014, return to her village and become a seamstress.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the victims.