Residential Care

Homes of Hope operates a residential campus in Suva, Fiji for the most vulnerable young, single mothers subject to forced sex, sexual exploitation, trafficking, abuse and violence. This program offers a three-prong approach to helping women: rescuing them out of their current situation and bringing them to the campus, restoring them to wholeness and reintegrating them back into society.

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Homes of Hope is a safe haven and long-term shelter for the most vulnerable young single mothers and their children. Mothers come to us by referrals and our community-based outreach.

In the first 12-18 months at HOH, mums and their children are taught about safe motherhood, parenting, personal care, and effective day-to-day living. Children are also provided with education at the HOH nursery and preschool.


The restoration program offered at HOH begins when the new mum and her children come to the campus. During their stay, mothers receive counselling, Bible study and medical services to foster healing from trauma. Residents are supported to navigate the responsibilities of pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting. They also receive vocational training, basic life skills training, and financial literacy to empower sustainable independent living. Our mothers are taught how to manage all aspects of their life.


On completion of the program, we help mothers return to their communities by assisting with mediation to family members and clan, coordinating transitions to a secure environment, and economically empowering them to be independent. After they are reestablished, Homes of Hope frequently checks in to ensure secure housing, a protected environment and productive earning power for the mother and her children.