Community-Based Outreach

Homes of Hope runs community-based outreach throughout Fiji, advocating on behalf of women and girls and helping set up safety nets in at-risk communities to stop others from entering the destructive cycle of sexual exploitation.

To learn about our Residential Program, click here and to read Stories of Hope, click here.

Outreach to Leaders

Homes of Hope conducts training on how to identify victims of sexual exploitation with village leaders to help create safety nets within the community. Through this training, community police, church leaders, healthcare workers and family members are sensitized to the issues victims of sexual exploitation face, and victim referral networks are established. Lastly, Community Action Plans are created so each community can take ownership of addressing issues of exploitation within their own areas. Homes of Hope has published a booklet called Risk Indicators for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children that has been approved nationally as a way to identify victims.

Outreach to Individual Victims of Sexual Exploitation

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We are working with over 100 children and young women who are actively involved in sex work, as well as over 150 children who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Our efforts are focused on withdrawal and prevention of the worst form of child labour. Direct intervention strategies used to work with these children include medical care, counselling, life and leadership skill training, employable skill training, and ensuring safe shelter.

Outreach to School Children

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Homes of Hope has published two curriculum designed to educate children and youth on the issues of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking.

Thumbs Up! Preventing Sexual Abuse of Young Children has been developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. It is a resource for teachers of Preschool through Early Primary School and is now a mandatory part of the national curriculum.

Bravehearts: Stand Up Against Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking is designed for Secondary School students, Tertiary school students, and village/community leaders to help them develop action plans to stop CSEC/trafficking personally and in their own communities.

Outreach to South Pacific Nations

Beyond Fijian borders, Homes of Hope is working in other nations in the South Pacific (like the Solomon Islands) to share knowledge, develop partnerships in collaborative ministries and pioneer projects. Sex trafficking in Fiji is similar to other nations in the South Pacific and Homes of Hope strives to be a resource to those nations.

The goal is to train local leadership in those nations so they can go back and transform their own cultures.