About Us

Homes of Hope is a Fiji-based charity working with young women and children who are victims of, or are vulnerable to, situations of forced sexual encounters, sexual exploitation, child sexual abuse and violence.

Through direct care at our residential campus and community programs we are giving surviving victims the freedom to step away from the destructive cycles of forced sex, providing a fresh start of hope, freedom, dignity and life.

Our ultimate goal is to create a culture of freedom where forced sex is not a prevalent issue in Fiji or the South Pacific.

Homes of Hope 2015 Annual Report

Our full annual report includes information on our residential care, community-based outreach, a financial report and testimonies from women and children. To download the full report, click here.

Our Mission

Homes of Hope operates residential and community-based programs that rescue, restore and reintegrate women and their children to give them value and stop the cycles of forced sex.

Our Vision

To create a culture where women and children are free from the stigmas and cycles of forced sex.

Our History

Homes of Hope was founded in 1996 to stop the cycles of poverty and destruction of families throughout the South Pacific.

Directors Mark and Lynnie Roche moved to Fiji in 1997 to start their mission work. The ministry began by taking in just one woman who was pregnant with her second child and was without any hope for the future.

Since then, Homes of Hope has helped hundreds of women. We have provided a hope and a future for these women by offering counseling, teaching them how to parent their children and ensuring they have the necessary life skills and finance to flourish after leaving our program. We also work throughout Fiji, advocating on behalf of women and girls and helping set up safety nets in at-risk communities to stop others from entering the destructive cycle of sexual exploitation.

Homes of Hope also operates a nursery and preschool on campus, ensuring that the children of our mothers have a safe place to learn and grow. It is imperative that the children are educated with strong values and are shown great love. Stopping the cycles of forced sex starts with the next generation.

Our Future

Today, we are in the process of building an enclosed community gathering center, which will also serve as a kitchen; a mission house to accommodate trainees from other South Pacific nations and a farm/security to house to secure the back end of the campus.

Ongoing projects include maintenance, business independence projects for women and retaining consistent water and electricity on campus.

Please join us as we complete the campus in Fiji and turn our attention towards sharing our model with other South Pacific Nations.

Our Campus

We're very proud of our home in Wailoku, Suva. Take a virtual tour of our beautiful campus.